The Most Expensive Car In The World, You Can Buy 1500 BMW For The Price Of This Car.

see the most expensive car in the world

You will usually find expensive cars outside the door of every Aamir man. But we are going to tell you about such a car today, you will also be surprised to know about it. The world's most expensive car is running on the streets of Dubai these days. Everyone who sees it is shocked. The price of this car is so high that you can buy about 1 thousand 500 BMW cars for its price. See also the video of the world's most expensive car

The city of Dubai Shekho, where the money is huge. Here the river of wealth flows if it is said it will not be wrong. Here the Aamirs have such cars, on seeing which they press their fingers under the teeth. Germany's largest carmaker Lamborghini has built such a 500 kg gold car in Dubai. You can buy thousands of BMW cars in the price that is different in the construction of this car. Not only is gold in this car, but it is also equipped with modern technology.

This car is worth about the US $ 7.5 million or 502 crore rupees. The car is so beautiful to see that if it is a lover of the car, then it cannot remove its sight from this car. If you talk about the speed of this car, then in just two minutes this car can run to catch a speed of 100 kilometers. At present, the discussion of this car is on the tongue of the people and its video is becoming very viral on social media.

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