How Much Money Was Spent At That Time To Build The Grand Central Terminal?

Grand Central is the largest train terminal in the world. With a total area of 69.8 acres (470 ft x 160 Height 150 ft). Originally built by Cornelius Vanderbilt in 1871. It was first called Grand Central Depot. By the 20th century, commuter traffic increased demand for a new terminal.

Construction on the current building began in 1903. More than 3 million cubic yards of rock and earth had to be removed and some 200 buildings demolished.

Nearly 30,000 tons of steel were used in the construction, three times more than in the Eiffel Tower.
Much of the terminal is hidden. Including its massive underground train yard.

February 2, 1913: Grand Central Terminal officially opens after 10 years of construction. Total cost: $80 million. Today that's nearly $2 billion dollars.

Grand Central has housed an Art Gallery, Art school, Newsreel Movie theater, Rail History Museum.

During WWII, the terminal was the last rail stop for troops going to flight in Europe. All of the windows were painted black to prevent enemy aircraft from targeting the building. Today, there are 68 shops and 35 dining options in the terminal.

More than 700,000 People pass through the main concourse every day.

The clock in the main hall is one of Grad Central's most recognizable sights.

The walls of Glass were designed to provide ventilation, Transportation, and illumination.

The ceiling depicts the Mediterranean sky. During the October to March zodiac. There are 2,500 stars.
In 1998, a 12-year restoration of Grand Central began to remove decades of tar and nicotine from tobacco smoke.

There are 12 nickel and gold-plated chandeliers throughout the terminal. Weight: 2500 pounds each.

Grand Central's most innovative feature is Ramps. They allow passengers to go from train to street without climbing a single stair.

The acorns and oak leaves throughout the terminal. Grand Central has one of the largest Lost and Founds in the country. An average of 2000 items is lost each month. Most common items? Cell phones. 

Today Grand Central runs 700 trains a day. Employing 300 engineers and 750 conductors. Grand Central Terminal is the second most visited site in New Youk City. Bringing in almost 20 million visitors annually. Nearly 70,000 rail tickets are sold daily.

It remains one of the busiest railroad stations in the country.

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