Funny Quiz Question And Answer | 100% Fail, Riddle, Funny Trick Questions | Funny Jokes (Part-1)

Funny Quiz Question And Answer

FUNNY RIDDLES AND BRAINTEASERS, 😁😁😁. trick questions, try not to laugh challenge, 😁😁😁. grin,mind blowing riddles,cool riddles, 😁😁😁. funny jokes,IQ test,amazing riddles,funny videos,laugh,brain test,99% fail,riddles,funny trick questions,brainteasers,try not to laugh or grin,funny.

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These funny riddles are meant to be silly!! And you might laugh too!😁😁😁. These do not involve logic but the riddles are made in a way such that there is stray humour present which will make you smile,if not laugh!! If you laughed...You have a good sense of humour!!

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